Advanced data management for corporate and cloud environments

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Uniting distributed data across your organisation. Download the Schemus InterChange overview

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Controlled sharing of data with cloud services. Download the Schemus CloudBase overview

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Schemus CloudBase provides the following key features:

  • Wizard-based configuration
    Stepwise wizards guide the user through each configuration step.
  • Configuration testing
    Each wizard step in the configuration process is checked for validity and each configuration can be fully verified.
  • Multiple data sources
    If information is not held in a single location then the required data can be combined from multiple sources of different types. Data sources include LDAP directories and CSV formatted files.
  • Templates for common directory systems
    Templates are provided to further simplify setup for the most common directory systems, including MS AD and Notes Domino.
  • Filtering and Transformation
    Where the source data is not clean or complete, then further filtering and transformation can be performed. Allows specific or 'wild-carded' data to be excluded or converted. New data items may be constructed by combining multiple attributes.
  • Incremental updates
    Optimised to perform incremental updates of the target data in order to minimise the load on participating systems.
  • Safety thresholds
    Live updates can be policed against threshold limits in order to detect and prevent anomalous synchronisation attempts.
  • Reporting
    Comprehensive logging and optional alerting via email notifications.
  • Safe test mode
    A 'safe test' mode allows updates to be simulated without modifying live data.
  • Custom configuration
    Advanced settings allow fine-tuning of the LDAP operations.
  • Full control of automation
    An open approach to automation allows customers to use built-in scheduling of synchronisation tasks or invocation from task schedulers and other applications, for example to invoke Schemus CloudBase as part of existing staff leaver/joiner processes.
  • Network agility
    Operates across network proxies and capable of using secured, encrypted connections.
  • Multi-platform operation
    Java application portability offers a wide choice of platforms supported by the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

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