Advanced data management for corporate and cloud environments

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Uniting distributed data across your organisation. Download the Schemus InterChange overview

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Controlled sharing of data with cloud services. Download the Schemus CloudBase overview

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Schemus CloudBase adds value to the Cloud service experience for provider and customer alike.

  • Efficient - optimised to perform incremental updates of the customer data held in your systems in order to minimise the load on your service.
  • Complementary - can operate alongside other manual methods for upload and manipulation of customer data, such as might already be supported via the customer portal of your service.
  • Controllable - license keys control functions of Schemus CloudBase so that only relevant features need be exposed to customers. We provide a license key management service that can be fully integrated with your customer provisioning systems.
  • Proven - successfully deployed by some of the largest Cloud providers, with end customers ranging from small businesses to multi-national organisations with over 500,000 employees.

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