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Uniting distributed data across your organisation. Download the Schemus InterChange overview

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Controlled sharing of data with cloud services. Download the Schemus CloudBase overview

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Schemus Interchange provides the following key features:

  • Graphical task builder
    Intuitive drag 'n' drop interface for constructing synchronisation tasks.
  • Wizard-based configuration
    Stepwise wizards guide the user through each configuration step. Checking and verification are performed throughout the process.
  • Multiple data sources and sinks
    A single configuration may combine data from different sources and types of source, before outputting results to one or more data sinks.
  • Filtering tasks
    Allows specific or 'wild-carded' data to be excluded or converted.
  • Transformation tasks
    New data items may be constructed by combining multiple attributes.
  • Incremental updates
    Optimised to perform incremental updates of the target data in order to minimise the load on participating systems.
  • Custom scripts
    Allows custom tasks to be introduced by invocation of industry standard JSR-223 scripts.
  • Full reporting
    Generates synchronisation reports in PDF format and provides comprehensive logging with optional alerting via email notifications.
  • Full control of automation
    Built-in scheduling or invocation from task schedulers or by other applications.
  • Safe test mode
    No modification of live data is performed when using test output to text files.
  • Network agility
    Operates across network proxies and capable of using secured, encrypted connections.
  • Multi-platform operation
    Java application portability offers a wide choice of platforms. Schemus InterChange will operate on the wide range of platforms supported by the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

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